Where to Buy Lifecell

I spent an hour yesterday doing some research on where to buy Lifecell. I was pretty sure that the only place you could purchase it was from their official website at www.LifeCellSkin.com, however I was proven wrong as a I found a couple of places you could purchase Lifecell.

Buying Lifecell at Amazon

The first place I found it was Amazon, not a surprise since more or less everything is available there. Now the company selling it at Amazon is South Beach Skin Care (the parent company that manufactures and markets Lifecell). I guess their thought is there’s enough people that shop the Amazon market place they should have their product available there. How much is Lifecell at Amazon? The same as on the official website, $189.

The downside to purchasing Lifecell via Amazon is you lose out on the 120 day money back guarantee, you miss out on the 30 day free trial period and you won’t be enrolled in the VIP special pricing program.

Buying Lifecell at Ebay

The next place I checked to buy Lifecell wrinkle cream is Ebay. You can find almost anything on Ebay right? I typed Lifecell into the search box and voila there it was. There was a couple of sellers with listings for the product. Some where Buy It Now auctions with the regular Lifecell price of $189 while there was another seller who had an auction going.

At the time of writing this the auction had 20 bids on it and the price was at $152.50, but there was still more then 4 hours to go. If you’ve ever bought anything on Ebay you know that the last hour or so is when prices can really can really go crazy.

So is it really worth buying Lifecell on Ebay? Probably not. You could end up paying the exact same price or more then you would from the official Lifecell website plus you’ll miss out on the 30 day trial period, the 120 day money back guarantee and the VIP pricing for your next purchases.

Buying from the Official Lifecell Website

So it turns out that buying from the official Lifecell Skin Care website is probably your best bet. If this is your first tube then you’ll receive your first 30 days free to try before they charge you for that tube. You’ll also have 120 days to send it back for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied and be enrolled in their VIP autoship program where Lifecell will send you a new tube every 60 days for a discounted price of $149 plus $15 shipping.

If you’re trying lifecell for the first time then buying from the official website is definitely the best place to buy Lifecell. You can read more about the pros, cons and benefits in my Lifecell reviews.

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