Oxytokin Review

oxytokinOxytokin is an anti wrinkle product that trades extensively on being good value for money and the budget choice. The website plays heavily on the facts the Oxytokin contains many of the same ingredients as the more expensive brands, but is far cheaper. There is only one product in the range, a cream which claims to increase elastin and collagen in the skin, moisturise, eliminate puffiness and dark circles and to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Oxytokin Work?

It is certainly true that you will find many of the same ingredients in Oxytokin as you will in more premium brands. The main active ingredients in the cream are argireline which works as a muscle relaxer and smoothes out the muscles in the face, and peption-5, which works in the underlying muscles to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Other ingredients in the cream work to strengthen, moisturise and boost the skin’s production of its own natural collagen. Oxytokin is designed to be used once per day, either morning or night.

Oxytokin’s website has numerous testimonials from delighted customers claiming that the product has demonstrated huge success in transforming their skin in anything from 7 days to a month. There is however no independent testing or data to back the testimonials up, so on their own it is hard to know whether they are to be believed or not. Although the product does indeed contain lots of the ingredients found in more expensive creams and lotions, it is difficult to know if each is present in sufficient quantities to make any difference. The most effective creams have just one or two main ingredients, Oxytokin has many more. If the active ingredients are only present in tiny amounts, will they do any good to your face?


It is certainly true that Oxytokin will moisturise your face and leave the skin feeling softer and more supple. The same could be said of even the most basic moisturising product though and it is hard to see whether or not Oxytokin really lives up to its promises. There is however a money back guarantee whereby you can try the product for 60 days and if you are not entirely satisfied, the company will refund all of your money, less shipping. If you are curious about Oxytokin’s claims this is a good way of trying the product, risk free.

Although Oxytokin makes bold claims about its properties, there is no evidence to back it up. The product is cheap, but it may be worth spending a little more on a well proven product instead.

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