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lifecell box imageYet another anti wrinkle cream enters the market claiming to the be the one and only anti aging product you need. LifeCell, by South Beach Skincare, touts some pretty big claims on their website. The question is are they realistic or just more marketing hype like so many skin care companies use.

LifeCell is marketed as an All-in-One cream that replaces your eye cream, moisturizer, lip plumper, wrinkle serum and age spot reducer. The fact that you could replace all those other products with a single tube on your night stand is a nice thought.

Free Trial Offer – Good or Bad?

Lifecell is marketed at as 30 day trial where you only pay the shipping and handling up front. While this marketing tactic is attractive to consumers it can also create a lot of confusion unless you read all of the fine print.

You do indeed recieve your first 30 days free from Lifecell, and if you choose to send your tube back within the first 30 days you won’t be charged another cent. However if you opt to continue to use and keep the product past the 30 days then you will be charged $189 (purchase price for a 2 months supply if Lifecell) to the credit card you supplied when requesting your 30 day trial.

LifeCell Before and After Image

LifeCell has been shown time and time again to produce younger, radiant looking skin. Image from official LifeCell Skin Care website.

Now, don’t panic because you still have another 90 days to request a full refund if you so choose. The customer service department at Lifecell isn’t hiding either, you can contact them via email or toll-free phone number which are both available on their site.

One other point to note is that when you first order your trial offer you’re also enrolled for the VIP auto-ship program. This is both a good and a bad thing. What the VIP auto ship program means is every 60 days you’ll be sent a new tube of Lifecell and charged $140 plus $15 shipping.

If you choose to stick with Lifecell (which I’d say about 75% of women who try it do stick with it) this is the least expensive way to purchase the product since you’re getting it for $40 off MSRP which is $189, however if you aren’t aware that you’re going to be charged for this then it can come as a surprise.

You can dis-enrol yourself from the VIP program by contacting their customer service staff. You can also request that your auto shipments be sent every 90 or even 120 days if you prefer.

Are Women Trying and Sticking With Lifecell?

From my experience about 75% or more of women who try Lifecell are sticking with it. I’m going to assume that since this isn’t the least expensive anti wrinkle cream that they’re sticking with the product because they’re seeing results. While there isn’t one best wrinkle cream that’s going to work for every women and every skin type, Lifecell’s long list of potent anti aging ingredients targets signs of aging from a variety of angles.

Because Lifecell doesn’t rely on just one or two active ingredients to produce results most women will see some form of visible results in 4-8 weeks thanks to the compounding results of daily application. Most women will also enjoy the instant effect that LIfecell causes on the skin (thanks to some microscopic light reflecting ingredients contained in the cream, see below for details).

The Science and Proof Behind Lifecell

There’s quite a long list of anti aging ingredients in Lifecell, I want to shed a bit of light on what each one is and what it does in the overall anti aging process.

Deanol (aka. DMAE): This is one of the most used anti aging ingredients used today. It’s been studied in depth and proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in at least two different clinical studies. The short story about Deanol is it caused cells to expand in size, this (while not 100% proven yet) can cause your skin to appear fuller.

Acetyl hexpeptide-3 (aka. Argireline): This ingredient is touted as being a face lift in a jar and a topical Botox® alternative. While the results are not as dramatic as Botox® how this ingredient works is similar.

Botox® works by destroying a key protein required for the release of a neurotransmitter that keeps muscles tense. Acetyl hexpeptide-3 works in a similar fashion, but instead of destroying that protein it blocks it. By stopping the muscles from remaining tense wrinkles become less visible on the surface.

In clinical studies conducted in Spain Acetyl hexpeptide-3 was also shown to dramatically increase skin smoothness and improve dryness and skin tone.

Ascorbyl Palmitate (aka. Vitamin C): Vitamin C is all-around best antioxidant to have in an anti aging cream. It evens skin tone, reduces visible appearance of enlarged pores and age spots along with improving the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines.

Ubiquinone: This ingredients primary purpose is to improve the appearance of photo damaged (Sun damage) skin. This means a reduction in redness and age spots and increased hydration along with reduced visible signs of wrinkles and lines. THere’s been a lot of research and study done on Ubiquinone to support what it can do.

Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid: This is a fairly new anti aging ingredient and Lifecell is the first anti wrinkle cream I’ve come across to include it. Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid (D3PA) is claimed to be able to dilate capillaries in the skin in turn bringing extra nutrients to the top layers of your skin which results in a healthy glow. Due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of other skin care companies using D3PA it’s difficult to say for sure if it is as great as Lifecell claims, but the scientific testing conducted on this ingredient certainly suggests that it could be.

as far as getting rid of puffiness, “bags” under my eyes – virtually totally erases them within just a few minutes of application — JB Maverick, Amazon Reviewer

Some Immediate Results

There are two stages to the results you can expect to receive using LifeCell Skin Care. The first is an instant effect that occurs a few seconds after application. Something I didn’t realize was that what we’re seeing when we see wrinkles is actually the shadow caused by the wrinkle in our skin, not the actual wrinkle itself (I know kind of a brain twister).

There are two ingredients contained in Lifecell that I didn’t mention above. The first is fumed silica and the second is silicon dioxide. These two ingredients are microscopic to the human eye, but they successfully reflect light away from wrinkles which tricks our eyes into not seeing the shadows caused by wrinkles and fine lines on our face. This effectively reduces how many and the severity of wrinkles we see on our face literally only a few seconds after application.

The downside to these two little amazing ingredients is that the results disappear when you wash the cream off at the end of the day. It’s still a great “instant gratification” feature of LifeCell while you’re waiting for the real active ingredients to yield results.

Longer term results which occur from improved collagen production, healthier more vibrant skin and relaxed muscles (from Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 aka. Argireline) takes 4-8 weeks to occur. The key to seeing results with any anti aging cream, including Lifecell, is consistent use and application every day.

Is Lifecell The Right Wrinkle Cream For You?

The science behind LifeCell and it’s active ingredients is solid. I do feel their website is a little over the top with hype and the Hollywood stars holding a tube of their cream, but I guess hype and Hollywood sells these days.

The fact that it’s an All-in-One product is great. It replaces your moisturizer, eye cream, lip plumper, wrinkle cream and age spot reducer with one tube on your night stand. Considering one tube of LifeCell will replace several jars and tubes on your night stand the price point of $189 for a two months supply is reasonable. Thanks to the potent formulation of active ingredients and the fact that LifeCell is an All-in-One product we’ve rated this the best anti wrinkle cream online right now.

You’re able to try LifeCell for the first 30 days thanks to their No Risk Trial for no money up front besides shipping and handling. This should be enough time for you to test this powerful anti aging cream and see if it’s right for you. After the first 30 days they do charge your credit card for the purchase but you still have an additional 90 days to return the remainder of the product for a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

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