How Much Does Lifecell Cost?

Lifecell Skin CareSo exactly how much does Lifecell cost anyways? It’s a bit ambiguous with all the different wrinkle cream review websites and the fact that the products is marketed as a 30 day trial on the main page of their website.

Of course nothing is free and there is a cost to Lifecell and in this article I’m going to explain my understanding of their 30 day trial offer (something some people feel is a Lifecell scam) and the actual price of Lifecell Skin Care, so here goes.

The 30 Day Trial Offer

With all the Lifecell reviews online I’m surprised more sites don’t talk about the 30 day trial. It has some fine print that I don’t believe every customer reads because many of the Lifecell complaints I read pertain to how people feel scammed by the company after the trial period.

Lifecell offers all new customers the first 30 days as a trial of the product. When you place your order you’ll still have to enter a credit card and you will be charged shipping. However you will not be charged the for the tube of Lifecell for 30 days.

If you decide you don’t want to keep the product within the first 30 days you simply contact Lifecell customer service at 1-866-977-1412 or and you can get an RMA number to send it back. You put it in the mail, send it back and that’s it you’re not charged a thing.

If you keep the tube of Lifecell past the first 30 days this is when we start getting into the actual cost of Lifecell.

You will be billed $189 for your first tube after the 30 day mark. While the price of Lifecell does seem steep to some take these points into consideration:

  • It’s an all-in-one anti aging cream (eyes, wrinkles, day & night cream, moisturizer etc.)
  • It’s approximately a 2 month supply (2.54 oz)
  • It contains more clinically tested, studied and proven anti aging ingredients then any other wrinkle creams I’ve reviewed
  • How Much Does Lifecell Actually Cost?

    The actual price Buy Lifecell for the first tube is $189. That means it costs about $3 bucks a day to use Lifecell skin care. You’re also of course charged the shipping and handling fee of about $15 bucks depending on if you’re in the US or international.

    Lifecell does get less expensive if you choose to stick with the product (from my research it seems about 75% of women do stick with Lifecell). You’re enrolled in the VIP program with your first purchase which provides you with preferred pricing of $149 per tube of Lifecell plus $15 for shipping and handling with a new supply being shipped to you every 60 days.

    This is the lowest price for Lifecell you’ll find anywhere online, and their auto shipment program ensures you’ll never be without the product. If 60 days seems to frequent a shipment you can contact their customer service department and adjust the shipment intervals to 90 or even evert 120 days.

    Let’s quickly re-cap how much Lifecell Cream costs

    Initial Lifecell Price: Free for the first 30 days, but you do pay a $15 shipping and handling fee.

    After the first 30 days: You’re charged $189 for your first supply of Lifecell and enrolled in the VIP program.

    Subsequent Shipments: Every 60 days you’ll be sent a new supply of Lifecell for the special VIP price of $149 plus $15.00 shipping and handling.

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