Deception Wrinkle Cream Review

deception wrinkle creamDeception is an unusual product in the wrinkle cream market as it does not claim to reduce wrinkles or fine lines you already have, or stop new ones from appearing. The product claims only to temporarily hide fine lines and wrinkles by reflecting light off the skin. It does this by the use of tiny particles of silicon which claim to reflect as much light as a mirror. The effect is only temporary though, and as soon as the product is washed off the fine lines reappear. It’s not waterproof either, so will come off in a rain shower or swimming pool.

How Does Deception Work?

The main ingredient in the cream is silicon dioxide. When you put the cream over your fine lines, the particles of silicon fill in the lines and reflect the light, making it appear as if the wrinkle has gone. The cream’s moisturising ingredient is emu oil, which makes the skin softer and more supple, and which has properties which stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin too. The product works instantly, unlike regular wrinkle creams which have to be used over a period of weeks or even months before you notice a difference in the skin. It is simple to apply and you just use your fingertips to smooth a small amount of the cream over the wrinkle you want to hide. The product claims it’s gentle enough to be used around the eye area.


The main benefit of this product is the instant results you see. The company is very honest and up front and do not make any claims about reversing the signs of aging. This is nice enough, however it’s ideal to find a product that will produce some long term results as well as instant results. Because of this Deception didn’t make the running for our best anti wrinkle cream. The product name reinforces the idea that it will hide wrinkles, not stop them developing or reverse them. The company also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you buy Deception and it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, they will refund your money.

Deception is also unusual in that it can be applied alongside your regular creams and make up, but has to go on last. It’s hard to see how you could apply a cream on top of make up and not end up with a smudged mess. The product is also expensive for just a cover up, and many users don’t report as good results as the company claims. It doesn’t affect other signs of aging such as crows feet or age spots, and if you get caught in the rain the effects disappear completely. Deception is a good moisturiser, but for a product which really reduces the appearances of wrinkles in the long term, it is best to look elsewhere.

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