New Product Helps Women With Sagging Neck Skin

neck creamAging can be a very difficult process emotionally, especially for women who look in the mirror and barely recognize themselves. Many women use anti-aging products to help their face look younger, but they often neglect the skin of their neck. Using anti wrinkle neck cream is the best way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Women who start using it early may even be able to delay the onset of neck wrinkles and make them less noticeable when they do appear.

Wrinkle Causes

Wrinkles have many causes, including the natural aging process and environmental factors. The elastin and collagen in everyone’s skin naturally breaks down as they age. These fibers are supposed to keep the skin smooth and tight, but they break down during the aging process and the skin sags and wrinkles as a result. Pollution, sun exposure, and other environmental factors also contribute to the breakdown of fibers in the skin. Women who have spent time in a tanning be or smoked cigarettes for a period of time usually start to show wrinkles at a younger age than women who have not exhibited these behaviors. These women can benefit from using an anti wrinkle cream daily.

A new product, called Dermagist’s Neck Restoration Cream is an anti wrinkle neck cream designed to help women overcome their issues with sagging skin in the neck area. It contains many ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin, including shea butter, Matrixyl, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and Sesaflash.

Amazing Ingredients

Matrixl has fantastic anti wrinkle properties (found in many of the best anti wrinkle creams). It’s made from a copper peptide that has been trademarked because it’s so powerful it actually helps the skin produce collagen again, rather than introducing collagen from plants to the skin.

Sesaflash is a unique molecule that lifts and tightens the skin while moisturizing. It’s derived from sesame and lifts the skin naturally to decrease the appearance of surface wrinkles without discomfort or a pulling sensation.

The neck often shows signs of sun damage before the face because it gets neglected often during sunscreen application. The stem cells in Dermagist’s Neck Restoration Cream help the skin to regenerate from within, reducing wrinkles, redness, and sunspots. These stem cells are a great defense against the damaging effects of long term sun exposure.

Hyaluronic acid increases the skin’s ability to hold in it’s own moisture without feeling greasy. It is found in many anti-aging products because of its moisture sealing benefits. Shea Butter another beneficial ingredient that is used in many skin care products because it firms the skin as well as moisturizing it.

There are many choices for women who are looking for an anti wrinkle eye cream, but no other product has the same mix of powerful ingredients that is found in Dermagist’s Neck Restoration Cream. Neck wrinkles are a visible sign of aging that haunt many aging women, but using a natural neck cream can help. Visit the Official Dermagist website to learn more about their amazing Neck Restoration Cream and how it can change the appearance of your neck.

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