HGH and Aging – Can HGH make you look Younger?

There’s a lot of controversy going on around HGH (human growth hormone). While it’s a vital part of our bodies makeup, especially during early development as a child, the amount of HGH in our bodies naturally depletes as we grow older. There’s been some research, most notably an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, that suggest HGH supplementation can reverse many of the effects of aging.

HGH regulates and maintains vital tissues and organs in the body. When we’re younger it’s partially responsible for our growth. You’ll read about some younger children being supplemented with HGH injections as their levels are just too low to support a healthy growth rate. As we get older the thought is that by supplementing with HGH we can keep our body feeling younger and boost our energy levels. These are exactly the most frequent claims made by many who choose to take HGH supplements.

Unfortunately HGH isn’t an anti wrinkle aging treatment. It won’t get rid of fine lines or hide wrinkles on your face, around your eyes or on your neck. It’s more of a make you feel younger and healthier supplement. Which I suppose can be better in some ways, looking great but feeling old isn’t much fun either.

How Can You Supplement with HGH

The purest form of Supplementation of HGH comes from injections from your doctor. How ever this can be very pricey. Some websites estimate that a years worth of supplementation of injections can cost over $15,000.

The more common form of supplementation of HGH comes with ingestible capsules. There are multiple websites offering capsules as an alternative to injections. Often 2 capsules a day is adequate to produce similar results. Most often you can find a years supply of capsules for a fraction of the cost of injections.

Capsules to consider are Genf20 HGH and HGH energizer. For more detailed information on these exact supplements take a moment to visit this Genf20 HGH review.

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